OCP 2022

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, I have had a chance to participate in a conference on site! Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP) is currently being held in San Sebastian (Spain) in a hybrid form. 
This year, apart from the main session, we had two interesting workshops: Phonology and Dyslexia, and Understanding Sound Change. See the webpage for details :)

As for me, I must admit that there have been a bunch of really interesting talks, and I am really glad I got to meet some old friends in person! I also presented a paper on the causality of lenition, based on my corpus of Canary Islands Spanish. The slides are available here.

Finally, I had a poster presentation at the main OCP session together with Aleksei Nazarov. The topic is fed counterfeeding with optional processes and a Serial Markedness Reduction approach to phonological analysis.

Unfortunately, there has been little time for discussing posters due to technical issues so I attach our slides in case anyone wanted to ask some questions about the analysis after the conference. Feel free to contact me or Aleksei for details! The slides can be found here.
Apart from that, feel free to watch our conference flash talk at the bottom of this page.

The conference is not over yet though, so this post is brief :)

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