OCP 16

I just came back from the Old-World Conference in Phonology (OCP 16) which took place in Verona. 

This year, I presented my joint work with the Zurich team which tested generative and exemplar phonology models with the use of electroencephalography (EEG).  The presentation is available in the Conferences section.
At the conference, Ulrike Domahs presented a bunch of other studies using EEG (and fMRI), testing the processing of prosody by speakers of several languages.
There were also other interesting presentations concerning phonological learning and phonological naturalness, among others.

Also, I paid special attention to the use of pupillometry in phonological experiments (based on a study by a Turkish team from Ankara presented at the poster session), which is my next experimental goal!

Stay tuned for my advances in studying language change with eye-tracking!
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