Sonata database

We have finished the works on the Sonata project database!

We now have over 200,000 sounds in the database containing the phonetic transcriptions of spontaneous speech produced by 44 native speakers from Gran Canaria. 

Over 13,000 target sounds have been extracted. These include post-vocalic stops and approximants together with their phonetic contexts and acoustic measurements necessary to assess the advancement of lenition and the systematicity of production of voiced and voiceless stops, as well as approximants of different degrees of aperture.

We are now working on the statistical analysis of the data. Stay tuned for the forthcoming publication!

Moving on to the second phase of the Sonata project, we will conduct a series of perception studies among native and non-native speakers of Spanish. First results should be available in spring 2020.
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OCP17 has been launched!

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